Yay February, oops I mean March :D

I am woefully behind.

February was awful, it came with a sick child, ED and hospitals, school starting back, half weeks, NO weeks. So let's pretend March is the new February and we will be right as rain :)
Anyway, loads of cuddles, meds and Jama days and we are back on track.

I have a new freebie up on the Facebook page (apologies for missing the 2nd February one... but family first always )

And only had time and mojo for a few pages last month. 
I feel very inadequate lol 

Back To School Page
Vinnie Pearce - School Softies
Valorie Wibbens - Drama Queen Adore
Tracy Martin - Acc 17

Sewing Machine Page
JustJaimee storyteller 2016 jan template

Tracy Martin Acc 18 FB Freebie
Word is one of Ali Edwards

Find Joy

Face The Sunshine by Blagovesta Gosheva, Captivated Visions & Studio Basic

creashens_anne_pitter patter-sugar foot
pink reptile designs_summerlovin
valorie wibbens-sprinklesv21

Happy New Year!

And I'm gutted Christmas is over so soon! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy safe New Year! My tiny beach town had over 50,000 NYE partygoers, so we haven't left the house for a bit due to my awesome wee Pixie hating crowds so much! (totally with her on that lol)
Anyway, the years first freebie!
(and some random pages from my Dec album, the last two, are the cover front and back.)