Seeing how busy Carol and Lori are, I thought id best get a move on and get some chrissy cards ready! (though my poor family is getting cards with original artwork by.... you guessed it!! BELLA lol)
So these are for my lovely friend who always buys my cards :) Bless her lill cotton tops!
So here they is, at full size this is still printable.. so (cos of the TOU) I had to mung it with the copyright doo dad. terms of use can kiss my arse... i brought it ill do what I want with it :)
Ya know, iffin I made a cake and took piccys, do I have to tell you where I got the flour, who make the cocoa etc? NOOO I dont... so if I post a LO why do I have to tell you who made all the damn bitty bits.
Oh crap wheres my coffee :(
So who gets the credits? Me... its my damn cake :)